Our Mission

Provide a vehicle for families across the country to have meaningful, brave conversations.

Suggested Use

Pick cards in numerical order—or choose random questions—from the deck for your child to answer. Or let our App do it for you. But watch out—a WILD card means the roles reverse and the parents must answer one or both questions!

Find our App

Keep the deck of cards in the glove box or the app on your phones home screen so it is always within reach.

Ask further probing questions

Remember, talking makes a difference!


Our family has really enjoyed playing with the Drive-A-Logue cards. We take the cards with us anytime we are in the car together, and even bring them with us when go to a restaurant. 


Each scenario led to meaningful conversations between the two of us and, as a parent, I feel better knowing that she is now more prepared for the situations that she could possibly be faced with. 


The “What if” questions have been great conversation starters for us to discuss as a family, some are funny, some are imaginative, and some are serious topics that all families need to discuss. 


I played the cards with my 16 y/o daughter, some of the scenarios are ones that my daughter has experienced and others were thought provoking-prompting my daughter to really think about what she would do in certain situations. 


Drive-A-Logue cards helped us cover a few important topics with the kids that we haven’t discussed before.