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Why is this product called Drive-A-Logue?

The name of the product came from the way we intended families to use the product. There is research that states that kids when asked a question will talk for longer and stronger if they aren’t forced to make direct eye contact. So it is best used while students are in the back seat of a car not making direct eye contact. “We want you to Dialogue with Drive-A-Logue!”

How do I know what grade level to buy?

We recommend that you go by your students' mental age. If they seem to be more mature or have mature older siblings feel free to level up and go with an older age group. If they are acting younger or are the oldest stick to the grade range they are in. Students who are exceptional learners may fall under their grade level or above so feel free to reach out and ask.

What are the best practices when it comes to using them?

We give a few suggestions on use. Go through the cards to decide which ones you would like to talk about first as well as to make sure that you are prepared for the questions that will be asked and the range of answers you may be given. If there is something specific that you and your family are going through which corresponds to the card strategically place it in the deck for when you are prepared to discuss it.
(For example, if you are dealing with bullying issues at school as a family and it’s too tough to talk about that day move the card in the deck so you can address it the following week.)

How did Drive-A-Logue get started?

Drive-A-Logue was created by a long term educator who was trying to get families to communicate more in the wake of the depression and anxiety crisis hitting children, tweens, and teens today. The goal is to allow families to be proactive about issues their students will face instead of reactive when those situations inevitably happen.

Who produces Drive-A-Logue cards?

Drive-A-Logue is printed by a family owned and run company in Phoenix, Arizona. O’Neil printing has been around for over 110 years and is a pioneer not only in printing but vital in the community they reside in as well.

Where is your physical product sourced from?

The paper that was used is from sustainable forests which is why it boasts the FSC logo on the back of the box.


Drive-A-Logue was designed by a local graphic designer who won the GDUSA award for the packaging used by Drive-A-Logue.

Anymore best practices?

When you have the student pull a card or when you pull one to answer be prepared to ask clarifying or further questions after the answer. It is easy to go through the cards one after another quickly and listen to one-word answers however these cards were designed for deeper conversation. So ask more…and more…and more….


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